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Welcome to my (old hand made) Maui Mountain Biking website. Here you will find 100 pages of info on Maui's mountain bike trails, road rides and places to ride on the U.S. Mainland, Canada and Europe....a kinda pictorial blog of my biking adventures.

The following pages contain pictures, maps and info on Mt. Haleakala's Kula Forest Reserve and other biking areas throughout Maui County.

New links have been added to this page and old links and tourist info has been updated.

Many of the pictures that were scanned from photographs are getting updated, much larger, digital replacements.

You may have heard of the Haleakala downhill bike rides but now get ready to check out the other sides of Haleakala and Maui.

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Riding Maui's North Shore

Pictures From Around Maui and the World

Skyline Trail Downhill

Biking in the Kula Forest Reserve(Trail Maps)

Upper Waiakoa Trail

The Kula Reserve Forest Fire

Mt. Haleakala Uphill

More Maui Trails

Swinging Bridges (Permit Required)

The Makawao State Forest Reserve

Lanai's Munro Trail

Lanai's Garden of the Gods to Polihua Beach & Stuff

West Maui Road Rides

The Hana Highway Road Ride and "Backside" of Maui

Other Island Trail Info

1998 Outrigger Hotels Hawaiian Mountain Tour

1997 Outrigger Hotels Tour O' Hawaii MTB Races

Biking Around the United States and Canada

Biking in Europe

Rent A Bike and Links Page

Visitors' Information & Hawaii Biking Links (Bike Rentals etc.)

Odds and Ends

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Here's A Time lapse Video of My Maui North Shore Ride Click this.

Looking for group (mostly road) rides on Maui? This might help.

Maui Mountain Bike Coalition on Facebook Click this.

Eric Sodano's Great video of Waiakoa Loop Trail is Found... Look here.

Eric's Video of Makawao State Forest's Kahakapao Loop TrailLook here

Maui Bike Alliance has info on trails rides and races Click this.

For a look at a rare snowy winter day atop Mt. Haleakala Click here.

For a Makena Live Beach Cam Click here.

Island Biker Maui's Facebook page, where I go.Click this.

For Mt. Haleakala webcams and weather (where I work),Click here.

Try out this Hawaiian-English translator.Click here.

At the top of Haleakala, I drove these telescopes for 26 years, check it out.

Here's A Time Lapse Video of My Cross Country Motorcycle Trip, Part 1 Massachusetts to Kansas

Here's A Time Lapse Video of My Cross Country Motorcycle Trip, Part 2 Kansas to California

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