The Skyline Trail Downhill Ride

This is what the first 2 miles or so of the trail look like. It is intermittently treacherous. In some places you can sink several inches into the loose lava rock. At least when you crash here you won't hit any trees.

The trail looks fast here....careful. At 1.5 miles down the trail, there is a road to the right. Keep going straight...westerly.

About 3 miles down Skyline, most of the loose stuff is past and the ride can get fast. Watch out for loose stuff on the sharp curves. It begins to get steep too. You might come across a herd of goats here. You won't see em for long, they're a bit gun shy. Here icy frost hangs in there before being melted. Elevation 8000'.

At 3.5 miles down, there is one more gate to ride around. Nice fast riding now. Keep a lookout on your right and at 4.7 miles, your at Mamane Trail.

A view of West Maui from upper Mamane. Its about 6800' here. Enjoy this swoopy trail as it makes its way 1.2 miles down where it turns into Upper Waiohuli at the junction with Upper Waikoa Trail. Descend another .7 mile and your on Waipoli Road. Hang a right on Waipoli and pedal about 2.3 miles and your on the pavement. Where the pavement begins to route 377 is 6 miles and another 3000' drop. You'll easily hit 40+ mph speeds on this road. Watch out for cross traffic once you see houses. Lots of sharp curves too. Enjoy!