Here's a collection of miscellaneous pictures I took while biking around Maui.

Near the 21 mile marker on the around west Maui road ride.

Near "little beach" at Makena. Kiawe tree thorns make tire liners and "slime" a necessity.

Several feet of snow covered the summits of the Big Island peaks in winter of 05.

At the junctions of Mamane and and Waiakoa trails looking at a Pu'u (cinder cone at 6500' elevation).

This view is at an overlook I call "king of the world" (7000' el) off of Skyline.

This town got its name from Klaus Spreckles who purchased the land to help a Hawaiian monarch pay off gambling debts.

Gotta cool down with a dip in the ocean? This is a typical shallow water, coral setting.

Twice a year, (April and November) South Maui Cycles hosts bike rides (race if you want to) up to century in length. Here I am approaching the 25 mile marker of a 50 mile ride.

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