The Kula Forest Reserve Fire

For a week during February 2007, the Kula Forest Reserve burned due to the carelessness or a cigerette smoker. About 2400 acres of native, pine and redwood forest was burned or scorched. The following pictures show the damage done. It will take decades to completely erase the damage but already life is returning to some of the trees that looked dead. An ambitious state plan to replant hundreds of thousands native, pine and redwood trees will soon start. The areas I observed looked about 50% destroyed but with new tree regrowth already appearing, that might be a high estimate. The damage extends from the beginning of the pine forest running 5 miles, up Skyline, past Mamane Trail. I found upper Mamane Trail, itself, to be in rough shape, much or it being a dust filled ditch. Once in the scorched forest it's an OK ride. The lower portion of Upper Waikoa (junction w/Mamane trail) is partially burned. It appears most of it and all of Waikoa Loop trail are unscathed. Upper Waiohuli trail, though partially burned or scorched, is in good shape for riding.

The damage begins at the forest's cattle guard.

Much of the ground debris has completely burned off. If there is a next fire, it won't be as severe.

The Waiohuli Trailhead. Trees are in the process of being removed.

Along the road to Poli Poli Springs Park.

New growth emerges from a pine tree.

More regrowth.

Just past Poli Poli Springs Park Road.

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are recovering.


Skyline switchbacks are scorched but recovering.

"Ballpark junction along Skyline looks OK.


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