Koolau State Forest

To get here, once you have climbed the trail described in the Makawao State Forest, (about 2 miles long) hang a left. If you go right you will be at a pair of reservoirs...don't go this way. However an easier way to get here would be to drive to the top of Olinda Road in Makawao, (about 5 miles), climb over the gate at the road's end, pedal a bit more, climb another gate and keep on straight on the fairly level gravely road passing the reservoirs, heading eastbound.

Getting here from Makawao involves a 3000' vertical climb whether you do it from the paved Olinda Road or the trail through the Makawao State Forest. In this picture, Matt leads the way.

About a mile down the road is a gate. Climb over it.You are now in Koolau State Forest, an exotic rain forest. This area is a watershed for "Upcountry" Maui. Off to the sides down the hill, are large water pipes. This road is usually very wet, lots of puddles, running water, some mud and a few technical sections.

About 2.5 miles down the road are a couple of reservoirs. This area is frequently rained on or in the clouds. Here I am at one of reservoirs at the end of the ride, at 2.8 miles. (From the top of the trail through the Makawao State Forest)

Here's a look at the Wakamoi Flumes. Its carries water from the eastern slopes of Haleakala to drier Upcountry Maui.

Fuchsias, giant hapu ferns, azaleas and a whole bunch of exotic air plants live in this moss covered, almost impenetrable land.