Biking Lanai

The road to The Garden of the Gods and Polihua Beach begins about a hundred yards past Lanai's 5 star resort at Koele. A stone marker is on your right, the road is on your left as you head westerly. As you turn down the pictured road, stables are on your left.

About 4 miles down the relatively flat, smooth fast dirt road, you pass through a grove of ironwood trees. They look like long needled pines and the wood is hard if not iron like. Pictured here is my friend, Doug, of Island Biker.

About 7 miles down the road the eroded and highly colored rock formations of The Garden of the Gods is quite impressive.

Looking around the rock "garden". The road here is unusually hued in a rainbow of colors.

About 5 miles past and 1600' down from the gardens, lies Polihua Beach on Lanai's west coast. The last few miles of road to the beach is quite rough and steep. The frequently strong trade winds along with the desert like conditions make the ride out difficult indeed. Sliding sands on the road can easily result in a face plant.

About 12 miles down the road your at the end of the line. Polihua Beach This beach is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here. Just about every thing that grows here has thorns. The Kiawe tree's thorns will nuke your tires. Oh, stay out of the water, the currents here are dangerous.