Mountain Biking Around Alberta, Canada

Alberta's Jasper National Park offers the mountain biker a fine variety of well maintained bike trails that are easy to ride. The trails are multi- use so you will be sharing them with hikers and those on horseback. Pictured here is Maligne Lake. An easy partly paved/single-track circles the lake. Its accessed via Trail #7. #7 runs about 15 miles, is technically easy and well marked. You would be advised to attach a bell to you or your bike to let grisly bears know of your presence so they will avoid you, hopefully, I relied on my squeaky disc brakes to be heard. I saw no bears but came upon a herd of elk.

This little bridge is in the Maligne Canyon area off of Trail #7.

Here's a typical example of the easy single-track on Trail #7.

If you happen to be going through Alberta's capital city of Edmonton, take a little time to visit the bike paths along the North Saskatchewan River that bisects the middle of the city. A complex of 21 parks are connected by a web of paved and dirt single track just a long stones' throw from the cities' skyscrapers.

Here's an example of the paved bike paths.

Single-track trails meander all through the parks and right down to the river's edge. Well worth a visit.

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