Biking in Anza Borrego Desert Park, California

I've biked in these deserts area on some of the hottest days of the year (100+ temps), this time (December 2013) it was on one of the coldest and windiest. I don't think there are any dedicated biking trails in the park but there are hundreds of miles of 4 wheel drive or dirt roads..I chose a 4 wheel drive trail to ride near the eastern end of the park, off of state route 78. The roads on the western end of the park appear to be more rocky and hilly. The eastern end is sandier and flatter...... it was no easy pedaling in the sand.

I would not recommend riding here in the summer...from experience. Spring would be the best time.

The sandy road conditions are harder than they look.

An early December snowfall in the mountains..

High mountains lie to the west, to the east is the Salton Sea, a large area in the Colorado desert that is below sea level.

Ocotillo, creosote bush and cactus grow here. In the higher elevation, Joshua trees are found. There are petroglyphs from the Indians that inhabited this are for thousands of years. Apparently it was a greener place once upon a time.

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