British Columbia's Idaho Peak

Last year, as part of one of my little tours, I gave Ned and Jacquie of British Columbia, an approximate 60 mile adventure up Mt. Haleakala and down via Skyline Road and the trails of the Kula Forest Reserve (Poli Poli).This year they gave me a tour of their neck of the woods in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Idaho Peak, perhaps the highest accessible mountain (by car) in B.C. rises about 7500' Though not tall by say, Colorado standards, this mountain rises nearly 6000' from its base, about the same as the vertical rise of taller peaks in the western U.S. Rocky Mountain chain. Idaho peak is accessed via Rt. 6. From New Denver, follow the road to the ghost town of Sandon. From here it is about 12 miles to the near-summit parking lot. The unpaved road is in good shape and moderately steep. In this picture, Ned stands by his steed, a ti "Hummer". (This pix was taken on Copper Mt.)

Here, Jacquie and I take a little break. You don't want to stop for long as the mosquitos, horse and black flies will get you. You'll be feeling the delayed action bite of the little black flies the next day.

Switchbacks zig zag about near the summit.

From the summit parking lot, Idaho Peak trail single-tracks the way to the top.

The first half mile or so is easy provided you don't fall over the side. Focus on the trail.

It had to happen. Here some ol' lard ass is blocking the trail while pushing his bike. Duh, that's me. (The trail is steeper than it looks.)

Here Jacquie scopes out the view.

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