DH Racing at Big Bear, California

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Big Bear (village), Big Bear Ski Area all make up the Big Bear area but when it comes to mountain bike racing, the Snow Summit Ski Resort is the place. It is also a "mountain bike park" with lifts to the top of Snow Summit. Here are some pictures for the Grundig/UCI DH MTB Race series #4 of 1998 that took place on June 20 and 21. In the above picture, Hans Rey was doing his trials thing.

Kirt Voreis and Shawn Palmer are signing autographs. About an hour later, Shawn broke his collar bone in a downhill dual course loaded with obstacles and moguls...the first time for a Grundig/UCI event.

Catching big air in the downhill.

Landing the hard way.

Landing a less hard way.

Here is David Vasquez's bike. He won the men's downhill for team Volvo/Cannondale.

Me, my bike and Brian Lopes.

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