Biking in the Cottonwood Trail System, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

When in the Las Vegas area, this area is one of my favorite off road rides. Located near the 17 mile marker on Route 160 (17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip) a parking area is on the right side of the highway.The trail system is on both sides of the road can also be accessed from the little town of Blue Diamond. See the link below for a trail map. A convenient drainage tunnel under the highway allows easy access to the western trails. On the December day of this ride, temperatures were in the 40's.

The eastern trail mostly runs downhill with great views of Las Vegas on the eastern most sections. Elevations are in the 3000' to 4000' range.

The trails are rated intermediate. Spring would the best time to ride here...summers are too hot unless you ride early or late in the day. I've been here when the temps exceeded 100.

The trail gets a bit rocky in places...but difficult only in a few places. NORBA races are held here.

Looking toward the Red Rock Canyon area.

In this picture, I've crossed under the highway via a drainage tunnel and are now on a western section of the trail system.

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