Biking Around Lake Dillon in Dillon, Colorado

Located 69 miles west of Denver, the town of Dillon, Colorado borders one of the largest lakes in the state, Lake Dillon. Exit to Dillon on U.S. Rt.6 and head to Dillon Boulevard. Follow that to the marina area and as you approach the lake you will cross the bike path. This path take you around the entire lake. Parts of it are on the roads such as in Frisco, on the south side of the lake and crossing the dam. Its a good ride for road bikes also. Along the way you can find single track. Inquire locally for some of these side excursions. This is a high elevation ride as the lake is just over 9000' in elevation. The paths/trails around the lake only climb about a few hundred feet over 18 miles, mostly on the west side of the lake. If you want more, from Frisco, there is an 1100' climb on Swann Mt. (off road) on the south side of the lake.

Looking toward 14,270' Grays Peak. Mt. Evans, with the highest mountain auto road in the U.S. is about a half hour to the east on I70. It's worth a visit.

The dam on the northwest side.

There are over 150 miles of bike trails in the area as well as several ski areas.

During the summer, afternoon thunderstorms are common. It gets chilly at night.

I found some single track!

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