Road Riding in Great Basin National Park

After a hot drive across the desert, it begins to cool as you climb in elevation to Great Basin National Park. Lehman caves is a good cool off place to visit in summer and warm up in winter. On this trip, I was camping and as usual, had my bike with me.

I took a road ride from Upper Lehman Campground to the end of the road. It was about a 20 mile round trip with a 2300' climb in elevation. I did not see any information on off road biking. As in many national parks, it is not supported. You gotta ride national forest 4 wheel drive roads.

On the way up.

Approaching the end of the road at 10,000' elevation.

Time to pose for the camera.

Wheeler Peak, on the right, rises to 13,063'.

Rock Glacier, the only one in Nevada (I think). You can hike to it.

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