Biking Along Lake Fork River in Gunnison County, Colorado

Colorado is one of my favorite places to visit or stay, as I own some land near this ride. To get here, go west from Gunnison on U.S. Rt. 50 and take route 149 south about 25 miles. Just past the 93 mile marker, on your right is Blue Mesa Road, county road 25. About 2 miles down there is a bridge over the Gunnison river that goes up to Blue Mesa. Park at the bridge and start your ride along the right side of the river. There is a U.S. Forest Service campground (Red Bridge) just before the bridge. It is a short ride, about 9 to 10 miles round trip with dirt road narrowing into kinda single track. This is one local ride I do while staying in the area.

Lake Fork originates in the San Juan mountains to the south. It empties into Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado's largest lake. This is mineral country with old gold mines off the road. You might see people panning for gold along the river.

The road narrows to single track as the canyon narrows.

This ride is at 8000+ feet in elevation, descending as it parallels the river.

Having a look around. Fishing is good here. Brown trout must be 16"+ to keep (limit 2). Rainbows must be released.

White water rafting is popular on this 5 mile stretch, Class II to Class III in difficulty. This ride is just one of many in the area, a good ride can be had along most any rural Colorado road just don't trespass on private property.

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