Las Vegas, Nevada

Going to Las Vegas? There's a lot more to do than just the glittering lure of casinos and the potential to lose all your bucks, in a hurry. Follow Charleston Blvd. (Rt. 159) out of town to Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area and enjoy some scenic pedalling. There were no listed singletrack here but I blazed some trails around the area's picnic grounds. Nearby a nice 14 mile paved loop ride shows you the big picture. Its a favorite of Las Vegas roadies. You can't see some of the trails in this pix but they are here.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Spring Mountain in the background as seen from Red Rock Canyon's scenic loop ride.

A few miles further out on Rt. 159 is the little town of Blue Diamond. On the south side edge of town a bunch of singletrack trails begin spreading out into the desert. Most run along or near the main road so it would be hard to get lost here, I think. The free maps available from Las Vegas bikes shops will steer you here. This is an example of the relatively easy singletrack.

Here I am freezing my way on snow covered Charleston Peak, around the 8000' level. There are trails here but enjoy them in the summer and beat the furnace-like heat of Las Vegas in this really cool area.

Biking the Las Vegas "Strip". Do it at your own risk. In the middle background is New York, New York's "Empire State Building", one of the newest additions to the Las Vegas skyline. Curbs, road dividers, overhead walkways extra wide roads and tons of traffic all combine to make the strip a challange and a half for a biker not to mention pedestrians.

(The camera flash makes my charcoal colored "IllumiNITE" jacket appear bright white. A cool safety item for night riding.)

Another area that has some nice singletrack is in the Cottonwood Canyon area. I really enjoyed the NORBA race course there. To get to the pictured trail, follow Charleston Blvd. to route 159 and where 159 ends at route 160 hang a right toward the town of Pahrump. At 5.9 miles on route 160 hang a left up a fire road and about .7 miles up the road on your left is a parking area. The trail starts off of the right side of the parking spot. (Other trails start from a parking area on route 160 at the 4.7 mile point, right side of the road.)

The fist half mile starts off easily and then begins to climb for about a mile. Total rise for this 4.5 mile trail is about 700'. As the trail winds through a little canyon like area, the exotic desert plants add to the fun of this ride. A few drop offs, some dry stream crossings swoopy curves add to the enjoyment. The temperature here is usually about 10 degrees cooler than in Las Vegas so it still can be very hot in summer.

Taking a little break under a mesquite tree.

A trail's end, a large sandy area appears. Pull up to the edge of a cliff to get a nice view of Las Vegas in the distance. Turn around here, dial up X 107.5 (Extreme Radio) on the Walkman, turn the volume up full blast and dig the mostly downhill ride back to the parking area.

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