Mammoth Mt., California

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park located high in California's Sierra Navada (160 miles south of Reno, Nevada) provide great mountain bike trails in a resort setting. Well marked and maintained trails with a variety of difficulties in an alpine setting make for lots of biking fun. Gondolas bring you and your bike from the base area (8950') to the 11,053' summit where the Kamikaze Downhill and On The Top trail begin. All days passes cost $23. Click on any pix for a better view.

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The Kamikaze Downhill is a fast and wide 3.4 mile downhill. You better hang on tight and have good brakes before making the plunge on this run.

Looking toward the "Minarets" and the pond where Beach Cruiser Trail runs.

The Summit House, end of the line for the gondola ride and the beginning for the Kamikaze Downhill.

Along Beach Cruiser Trail, a 6 mile trail, my favorite, accessed via the Kamikaze Downhill.

This view is from Skidmarks Trail accessed from the gondola ride to Mammoth's summit. It is rated as "most difficult". The hard part of this trail are the sharp switchbacks on very loose rocky ground, just as the Kamikaze Downhill is. The danger factor is high if you go over the side. (easy to do) You might run into patches of snow here.

I found that the upper trails were not as much fun to ride as the lower ones that begin at the base area. No gondola ride needed but a trail access pass is required. Paper Route,Big Ring, Juniper, Downtown and Uptown trails are all fun and easy to ride. They wander through some beautiful forests unlike the stark, barren upper trails, Kamikaze, Off the Top and Skidmarks.

Here's a look at Downtown Trail. Its about 5 miles long and ends up in Mammoth Lakes Village. With a park pass you can get van shuttled back to the bike park or for the pedaling inclined, like myself, Uptown Trail gets you back to the gondola area.

There are more places to bike than just the bike park. Here's a view of the upper of Twin Lakes. Take St. Mary Rd. about 3 miles from town (1000' vertical climb) to get here.

In this pix, I'm pedaling along the shore of Horseshoe Lake.

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