Colorado's Mt. Evans

The road up to 14,264' Mt Evans is the highest mountain in the United States. It is accessible from Interstate 70 at the Idaho Springs exit via state Rt. 103. At Echo Lake, around 10,000' Rt. 5 continues to the summit. (Fee required) This ride is a favorite of bikers. I've done the last portion from about 11,000' to the summit 4 times, once on my downhill bike. This pictures shows Mt Evans from a roadside picnic area, Ponder around 9300'.

This is Summit Lake, a good place to start an abbreviated ride to the summit. There is a parking lot here. Its best to do this ride as early as possible as summer thunderstorms occur frequently.

Looking to the summit.

There was lots of snow remaining in this late June picture.

The road zigzags to the summit. It is not too steep.

A marmot is having a look. Mountain goats and sheep live here too.

On the top rock with my Super V bike.

You can almost see for ever.

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