Mt. Snow, Vermont

Located in south-central Vermont, Mt. Snow offers miles of highly technical downhills. The trails which were not well marked, are more of a trials course that is more suited for Hans and Libor rather than the general biking population. I got lost several times and crashed good. The trails were probably in poor shape due to the 4 to 6" rain that fell the day before my arrival (from ex-Hurricance Bertha). Covered with mud, (that's cool, I like mud) bleeding and with a sore knee, I bailed early. (I biked over 400 miles on dirt at Mammoth Mt, Winter Park, Crested Butte etc. without a scratch to me or my bike.) Not really a fun day. Despite all this, I'll be back. Oh, did I mention the biting horseflies? An all day bike pass (expensive-$28) gets you to the 3576' summit. There are some easy trails around the base area. That bike wash really came in handy.

The summit view. The supplied maps were not very good. On my last downhill, I started on trail 1, meandered my way onto the pro-course and ended up on a highway outside the resort area. I did't think the trails were very well marked.

There weren't many trails that looked like this. Most were slippery root and rocked obstacle courses with generous portions of mud. These trails that separate the "men from the boys", are favorites of the more technically inclined pros.

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