Biking at Mont Ste. Anne, Quebec

Mont Sainte Anne is a great place for mountain bikers. Costing $15 Canadian (11 to 12 U.S.) gets you an all day pass to ride the Gondola to the 2400' summit and a network of trails that take a good hour or more to return to the base of the mountain. It is interesting to note that there was no "release of liability" forms to sign with who to notify in an emergency. No forms, that the way it should be. The trails here are not for beginners, do so at your own risk.

Here's a look down a fast section of the downhill course. I tried the course and had a pretty hard crash. The guys who do this stuff for a living are amazing ....or crazy. I also tried out the cross country course using my dh bike. (I was probably the only one to do that.) My Intense soaked up the roughest stuff of this course but I had to walk the bike up the really steep stuff. (So were some others.... on there cross country bikes.)

Nice and easy singletrack. Most of the trails are quite technical.

Posing along the way.

A better example of the trails. Mount Snow in Vermont is to roots as Mont Sainte Anne is to rocks. Both have plenty of mud.

A friendly bunch of Canadians. These guys really can handle the toughest trails. You gotta be good if you live and bike here. I found that "Aloha Spirit" IS alive and well in Quebec. Plus, most everyone speaks English as well as French. My only complaint; the weather...too cold.

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