Biking Along Nebraska's Platte River

I started my journey from my campsite at Fort Kearney State Recreation Area, just south of the Kearney exit on Interstate 80. There weren't many bike paths so I had to find my own. I had to do some riding through farm land.

A nice easy ride here in this very flat state.

Crossing the south channel of the Platte River. A little further down the trail, heading north, the bridge over the Platte River was destroyed by fire so ya gotta turn around.

Marijuana growing all over the place. It was one of the most common weeds here. This "ditchweed" is non psycho-active so forget about it.

There was lot of this too....poison ivy.

Riding through forests.

If you heading east/west across Nebraska and have the time I highly recommend taking scenic Rt2. Here's a cool road to ride in the Sand Hills region.

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