Biking in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Time for another ride on the 13 mile one way road through RED Rock Canyon State Park. Elevation gain is about 1000 feet, most of it in the first half of the road ride. When off road, there are thorn hazards. Here are the official directions from their website. "Red Rock Canyon is located about 25 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. From Las Vegas the Conservation Area can be approached from Charleston Boulevard [north of Sahara Avenue], which will turn into State Route 159; or from State Route 160 [south of Tropicana] to the Junction with Route 159. Just follow Route 159 until you see the entrance. From the southwest, RRCNCA is reached by taking Route 160 East to Route 159; From the Las Vegas Strip, get on to the I-15 freeway which is the freeway parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard. Take exit 36 to get on to the 215 beltway west. Drive on the 215 west for 13 miles, exit on Charleston Boulevard heading west at exit 26. Drive 5.5 miles to the entrance of RRC and turn right to enter the Scenic Drive."

This is what the official brochure says about mountain biking in Red Rock Canyon State Park. "Bicycles are allowed on the one-way Scenic Drive, paved spur roads and designated mountain bike trails. Bikes are not allowed on designated hiking trails. Motor vehicle regulations for bicycles apply while in the Conservation Area. The Cottonwood Valley Area has a system of trails designated for mountain bike and equestrian use. Motorized vehicles are limited to designated roads".

Rides here are best done early in the day. Temperatures in the summer will be over 100.

You can see the smog from Las Vegas in the distance.

Ancient hand prints in stone.

You are surrounded by desert mountains.

Doing a little single track.

"Relics" from a bygone era. For these feral mules, this is home.

Here's some red rock and more.

You wouldn't want to crash land on this stuff.

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