Biking at Snowmass, Colorado

On one of my biking trips, I happened to stop at Snowmass Ski Resort as USA Cycling was having one of its (NORBA) national mountain biking race events. Snowmass is located just a few miles west of Aspen. It is one part of 4 ski areas that have a combined 42 lifts in the Aspen area. In the picture, the event was still in preparation for the next day's pro races. Amateur racing was underway.

These events are open to anyone who wants to race provided they have a license to race or get a one day permit....beginners class. I found that many "beginners" when among the best riders. They just didn't want to pay for an annual license.

Hanging out in the village of condos, motels and stores.

Colorado is one of my favorite places. My Cannondale (mainland) mountain bike is usually stored near here but on this trip I was riding the Intense. Here, the Intense is getting a front fork transplant from an old White Brothers (pictured) to a new one.

The lineup for the men's pro cross country.

Ready to race.

The woman's pro class getting lined up.

In the line for the lift.

A view from halfway up the slopes.

The view from the top of the lift looking north at around 10,600'. Just to the southeast is 14,092' Snowmass Mt. As a winter ski/summer bike, the resort, like California's Big Bear and Mammoth Mt. or Utah's Park City (Deer Valley), offers a maze of trails for beginner to advanced riders. Get an all day lift ticket for about $31 to $36. The bike event made it even better.

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