From Jackson To Teton National Park, Wyoming

On a beautiful summer day, I left my motel in Jackson and set out for Teton National Park. I headed west on Rt. 22 and then north on Moose Wilson Road, Rt 390. This road brings you right into the park. It was about 27 miles each way. A good portion of Moose Wilson Road was dirt and through forest. A nice ride with no steep of long hill climbs. My destination, Jenny lake was only 500' higher in elevation than Jackson. Nearest to Jackson were bike paths (on Moose Wilson Rd) and for the rest of the way, there was very little other traffic. The picture...... on a bike path parallel to Moose Wilson Rd.

Approaching the mountains.

Grand Teton peak rises to 13,770'.

Arrival at Jenny Lake, 27 miles from Jackson.

Lots of wildflowers on this early summer day.

Taking a break. There are lot of activities here.

After returning to Jackson, I rode north on Rt 89 to Flat Creek. Here's a wildlife view there.

A view from N. Elk Refuge Road, a wildlife sanctuary.

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