Whiteface Mountain, New York

When you turn into Whiteface Mountain, the "Olympic Mountain", the 4,858' peak looms above. With ski trails almost to the summit, as the sign said, with over 3000' vertical drop, this place looks cool. However, for mountain bikers the end of the first lift (out of 3) is the end of the line. The lifts carry you up only 850 vertical feet above the base area...to 2250' elevation. You gotta sign the usual waiver in order to ride, plus $19 to ride all day. The trails are too short and the lift is too slow but the variety of trails is OK though I would like more singletrack and less service roads.

On the slow ride up.

An example of the well kept trails. Most of the rock and root obstacles have been removed resulting in rather easy riding.

At a stream crossing at Stag Brook Jct., one of the nicer sections.

For more info, click here.Whiteface Mountain Ski/Bike Area

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