Winter Park

Located 67 miles northwest of Denver, Winter Park, the town and resort is one of the most mountain bike friendly areas on the planet. Hundreds of miles of well marked trails criss cross the entire Fraser River Valley. At Winter Park Resort, rest areas, tool stations, emergency phones and trails ranging from easy to expert abound. There are lots of other activities too. All day chair lift bike passes are $16. Highly recommended.

The Fraser River Trail runs from Winter Park Resort through the town of Winter Park to the town of Fraser.

On Long Trail in the resort bike park.

A couple of tips for stream crossing. One, have enough speed and two, avoid underwater obstacles. Here I am, dead in the water after flunking tip two.

Mt. Evans

From the Idaho Springs exit on I 70, Rt. 103 winds it way 28 miles to the top of Mt Evans. This smooth paved road makes this ride fine for road bikes as well as mountain. This is the highest auto road in the U.S. There is a fee to get to the summit.

At the 14,258' summit.


10 years later (2007) with the same shirt, sun glasses and a similar bike.

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