Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii

Hana Highway Road Ride... from Wailua to Keanae

Heading east from Kahului, the Hana Highway (route 36) get its famous reputation after it turns into route 360, about 22 miles out. This low speed road known for its many curves, waterfalls and single lane bridges, hugs along the spectacular north shore. It is an ideal road for biking if there was one. First of all, the road has been upgraded to a smooth riding yet slow speed limit highway. The steep terraine along the road provide lots of shade. The hills are not too steep or long. There are very few conviences available so carry what you need, you won't find food etc. until the halfway point and then in Hana itself. Don't be afraid to get a little or lot wet while riding through the rain forest. Rainfall along most of this route is 100" to 200" a year. So clip into your pedals and enjoy this pictorial ride to Hana.

A tropical mix of bamboo, African Tulip trees and other exotics abound.

Lots of pools like this can be found at the many streams that flow down Haleakala's slopes. Don't drink the water.

An off road roadie. This is what many people think Hawaii is. Lush and tropical. The "trouble" with lush is...it rains all the time.

A look into the jungle at Kaumahina State Park.

A shady lane that traverses near Honomanu Bay

A view just east of Honomanu Bay.

The little settlement of Keanae is located on an ancient lava flow that juts out into the ocean. Taro farming areas can be seen in this Hawaiian lifestyle town.

From Keanae to Kipahulu