Hana Highway Road Ride...from Kipahulu to Kaupo

These are the lower pools of Ohe'o. They are suitable for swimming.

A view of Ohe'o campground in Haleakala National Park. This is a great place to stay...up to 10 days for free in this very rural setting. There is no singletrack in the park but one can get a little dirt road and path riding while here. The access road to the park is fine for road bikes but once you turn in here, its all dirt. Warning! The surf here is frequently very rough. Waves come in in "sets" so stay off the coastline rocks. If you want to swim, do in the fresh water pools but as I've said before, don't drink the water.

One mile past the Ohe'o campground area (where ther ranger station is) and on your left is the entrance to the Palapala Hoomau Church, final resting place for famed aviator Charles Lindbergh. This is a hard to find place. Look for the church sign by a metal gate. A fruit stand is about 75' further down the road on the opposite side from the church entrance. Drive down the church entrance road a few hundred yards and your here. A small county park can be found here also. Great ocean overlooks.

A view of the south flank of Haleakala.

This is where the backside road ends is southerly run and turns east toward Kaupo.

Along this "pali" (cliff), the pavement ends between the 37 and 38 mile marker. The road is not very rough. Many tourist make the complete circle drive through this part, though the car rental companies forbid it. It would be a quite rough for skinny tired road bikes but nothing at all for mountain bikes. Other than a both, sometimes open, Kaupo Store and Aunty Junes burger stand at Kaupo, there are no services, food and stuff until you reach Tedeschi Winery (Ulapalakua Ranch Store) about 30 miles away and no fuel until Kula(40 miles). You better carry a spare tube, pump and patches just in case. This view looks down the road toward Kaupo.

Looking back toward the pali.

The Kaupo Gap. This feature was cause by erosion not lava flows as some believe.

Sometimes the road is blocked by cattle. As you head west the dirt portion of the road ends between the 32 and 33 mile marker. Some of the "paved" road is rougher than the dirt.


From Kaupo to Kula