Mamane Trail begins at about the 7,200 foot elevation and descends nearly a thousand feet over its 1.2mile length. It is rated intermediate to advanced.

Native Mamane trees can be seen on the upper parts, pine forest on the lower. Wolf leads the way.

Here's a night ride view of the same place. Pictured here are me, Jeff and Doug(Island Biker). It gets cold up here. Temperatures were in the mid 40's for this December ride.

Dan Frank, a cross country racer from San Diego, California, descends the upper part of Mamane Trail.

Gary, a NORBA Race photographer from the east coast, also enjoys a spin down the trail.

Clouds cover the lower portion of Upper Waikoa Trail. This trail is rated as advanced with steep ascents becoming increasingly rugged with elevation. The uppermost portions are lava-rock and alpine scrub.

Through the clouds along Waiakoa Loop Trail.

Check out this great video from Eric Sodano.

Waiakoa Loop Trail is an intermediate to advanced trail. It has lots of technical ascents and descents along its 3 mile loop. The average elevation here is 5,500 feet. The picture here is where the trail crosses a dry stream bed.

CAUTION!There are several "killer" dry stream crossings and drop offs that challenge the best of riders, located in the first mile or so. (I've done my "greatest" endos near here.)

I thought I'd could bike OK but Ned and Jacquie from N. Vancouver, B.C. really showed me how to eat dust on Waiakoa Loop Trail.


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