Moving further up Skyline Drive into goat country......

Kanahau, 8727'.

There are a couple of road barriers keeping 4 wheel drive vehicles out. Some area of cinder rocks make the going a little difficult from 8,000' to 9,500' elevation. Be prepared for cold and high winds here. In restrospect the best way to do Skyline Drive is from the summit down, as area of Skyline are covered with lots of loose rocks making the ascent difficult. Going downhill here is also tricky from 8500' to the beginning of pavement at around 9600'.

At the end of Skyline Drive, the road becomes paved near communications and top of the mountain observatories, where I worked. Skyline Road is in the middle of the picture on the left.

The end or the beginning, depending which way you came begins/ends on the road that turns left just before approaching the summit observatories, go around the gate. It has a warning sign, this is the official right away to Skyline Trail. The antennas in one picture up are gone. From here its a 38 mile downhill (10,000' descent) to the tropical beaches of Maui.

Hittin' the bottle at the end of a hard day on the trails!


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