More Maui Trails

Maui's "Secret" Trail

There are other mtb trails on Maui but the trouble with them is getting to them. You might have to ask the landowners' permission, there might not be any trail signs, you might have to get to it in stealth mode, you might have to cross a moat full of crocodiles or you might chance winning an all expense paid stay at the local slammer, just so you can ride. Due to changes in the circumstances of the access to this trail and due to its popularity and requests, I am posting directions to this "secret" trail...the Mac

Nuts trail. To see 'em click Here.

The main part of this known-to-locals trail, runs along the lower slopes of these mountains around the 500' to 800' range in elevation. Several stream crossings, drop offs, rocks and roots make this technical quite a challange. The plant life varies dramatically almost around every turn, going from dusty dry to lush fern guava, ironwood, and tropical forests....a botanical delight.

Quick! Turn here!

Down century plant lane.

A nice wide section of this 4.5 mile trail.

Here I am next to a giant tree. This area get lots or rain and when it does, the character of the trail changes from fast to something else. What appears to be smooth leaf-covered single track can actually be root infested and slippery than greased ice. Your just riding along and the next second your on your ass wallowing in mud.

A nice little technical section.

The trails can be seen along the edge of a hill. Careful not to go over the edge. Been there, done it.

Through the ironwood forest on a bed of needles.

Lookout, here comes Lance.

Narrow singletrack through guava trees.

Approaching a stream crossing.

To Kahakuloa

To Kula Forest Reserve

To Upper Waiakoa Trail

To Munro Trail on Lanai