More Maui Trails

More Maui Trails

Kahakuloa "4 Wheeler" Road

To get here to this area, take route 340 from Kahului, across from Sears, and proceed to about halfway between the 15 and 16 mile marker. A couple of miles past the little Hawaiian town of Kahakuloa, the only town around, you will find this sign on your left. (mauka side, that is, mountain side) The area is gated on weekends to keep vehicles out so that might be the best time to bike here. Just go around the gate. The dirt road is STEEP. It meanders for miles into the West Maui Mountains, into a hunting area. Its pig season here so stay on the road.

A West Maui Mountain view looking south from the road.

About 1.5 miles from route 340 at an elevation of 1000', pine forest appear.

The road wanders deeper into the mountains. At this point I ran out of film.(Shows you how old this page is.) No more da kine.

To Pauwela Point