12 miles in 2.5 minutes.

Biking Maui's Northshore

This easy ride is one I frequently take. This 12 mile round trip ride is made of bike paths but with numerous detours, it becomes interesting as it traverses some single track, Ironwood tree forest and sugarcane area, all running from Kahului to Paia. The main part starts on the bike path on Kahului's Amala Place. After passing Kanaha Beach Park (3rd. entrance), keeping going straight. The road ends but a paved bike path takes you past the airport back to Hana Highway 2 miles west of Paia. Crossing Hana highway gets you to a dirt access road that runs parallel to Hana highway. It ends at Paia. It is sometimes overgrown but during the summer dry season, it is easily ridden.

When riding most any where on Maui, there are service roads that run at the edge of sugarcane and pineapple fields. Rather than riding on the road, I usually take the access road. Technically this might be trespassing (some outer roads are on state or county highway land) so stay on the outer road and do not venture into the fields.

About 1.5 miles on Amala Place I take a right and cross this foot bridge, a hundred yards ocean side of the bridge on Amala. This starts an off road section.

Slime tubes and tire liners are almost a necessity in this thorny area. You might see lots of chickens running around.They provide dinner for some of the homeless that live in the area. (I am now using Schwalbe Marathon tires and haven't had a flat in months.)

Between Kanaha Beach Park and the shoreline is this forested area. I enter it just past the volleyball courts.

About 1/4 mile past Kanaha Beach parks 3rd entrance, your on a 2 mile paved bike way that parallels Kahului Airport. The first left off of the bike way leads to this old aircraft (WWII?).

Just past the aircraft is a beautiful secluded beach. (I ride my road bike most anywhere.) All shorelines in the entire state of Hawaii are public property.


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