Exterra, Mike Hirst, Yosemite National Park

Odds and Ends

Doug (left) and Bob (right) of Island Biker at "The Pineapple Scramble" mountain bike race that they sponsor. The race begins at Pauwela Point lighthouse in Haiku and laps around pineapple fields and includes a couple of technical sections.

Here is one of Hawaii's best BMX riders, Josh Steel, catching big air in an exhibition at Island Biker. Josh is half way through a 360 in this picture.

Here's Ned Overend starting out on the mtb leg of Xterra 98 held here on Maui. Ned did so well in the bike portion, on his full suspension Specialized, that he won this swim, bike run event. Next year he will be riding with the #1 plate on his bike.

Pro down hiller Mike Hirst (Rocky Mountain) was a little too fast for me and my camera as here he lands while riding his training bike. I was trying to get some "big air" pictures of him on Mamane Trail. He DID catch big air, just before this picture was taken. His downhill bike is the Rocky Mountain 9 (RM9), 9" of rear travel!

Ned and Jacquie on one of my little tours pose at Haleakala Crater.

Here I am in Nevada deciding which way to ride. Shortly after this picture was taken, I flatted on thorns as I started my ride..

Yosemite National Park (Yosemite Village/valley section) is criss crossed with bike paths. All are smooth and flat making it any easy way for anyone on a bike to enjoy the sights.

With Wolf in my backyard.