Outrigger Hotels Hawaiin Mountain Tour 98

The Cross Country Course at Kaaawa Valley

Outrigger Hotel's Hawaiian Mountain Tours are without a doubt the biggest, most important mtb events held in Hawaii. This stage race event consists of cross country, downhill, dual slalom, criterium and point to point (pro only) races for riders of all abilities in addition to having a full pro line up. Team Unlimited promotes this and many other sporting events.

But first, a look at the cross country course, the event I will participate in. The xc course in Kaaaawa Valley, just a mile away from last year's Kualoa Ranch origination point consists of most of last years course but with a few new technical sections added.

That vicious inflatagator may look troublesome but not nearly as much as this 2 foot deep stream with large rocks lurking below.

Bright sunny riding conditions suddenly turn dark in this heavy thicket of trees. The barely visible rocks here got "eat me" written all over them.

This very steep hill gave me lots of trouble in past races...when wet. During practice laps, it was no problem this time.

1997 overall winner, Andres Brenes of Team Ritchey will start out wearing the leader's jersey.

With Mongoose's fabulous downhiller, Leigh Donovan.

I'm sunshaded out but here are two Thomases, Thomas Frischknecht and myself.

Here I am after receiving my simulated goldtone medal for first place in my cross country event, expert class/masters catagory. Since there wasn't a full masters class, (died of old age?) that translates to veterans class 6th place, for NORBA point counting.

Other Maui guys were there too. Pictured here are Dave Stroeve, Dan Dellovo and Ray Brust (Oahu) receiving awards.

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