This page is just a VERY general guide of trails, roads and places to ride, located throughout the Hawaii Islands. This section is just to give you an idea of what's out there. Please check out the local bike shops or book stores around the islands for more detailed information, maps, books and stuff, before attempting any of these rides. Perhaps the best and most comprehensive sources can be found at Ohana Publishing. You can even order the books that describe the trail on this page plus many more throughout Hawaii.

Hawaii (The Big Island)


Located within Volcanoes National Park, this 2.2 mile ride runs from the visitor center to Jagger Museum. About 1.4 miles is gravel and dirt trail. Some unique hazards are steam and sulphur vents and it gets cold here at its nearly 4000' elevation. Its frequently wet too. Steep cliffs and loose terrain help make this trail rate beginner to advanced.


About a mile from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visitor's Center at Thurston Lava Tube, procede along the paved path and keep right. Go through a small gate and your at Escape road. Another beginner to advanced bumpy cinder 4wd road offers a unique ride through fern forests. Elevations range from 3100' to near 3900'. It can be cold and wet here.


Located south of Hilo on Highway 11 betwee, 4 and 5 mile marker. A network of trails rated beginner to advanced. Its a combination of dirt roads and singletrack. Can be slippery when wet, which is usually the case.


Head east from Waimea on highway 19. Trail access is approximately 100 yards before the 52 mile marker. This 4 wheel drive road is about 5.6 miles in length and elevations range from 700' to 2800'. At 2.1 miles, the trail divides. Left is Mud Lane, right is Grubbies Trail.


This 1.4 mile trail in located on Hamakua Sugar property. Its singletrack in the 2200' to 2800' el. range.


From Waimea, go east on Highway 19 to the 55 mile marker, on your right. This 43 mile dirt road is rated beginner to advanced. Elevations range from 2900' to 7100' on the slopes of Mauana Kea, Hawaii's tallest peak. Part of the road crosses through Parker Ranch (cattle). Close gates as you go. It can be very cold at higher elevations.


Located off Saddle Road , Highway 200, the trail is accessed betwee the 43 and 44 mile marker. This 4wd road is rated beginner to intermediate. Its 10.8 miles one way and ranges from 5500' to 9900'. A heart pumping ascent over crushed cinder and rocks.


About 7 miles north of Kailua-Kona head down the road to the Natural Energy Lab (between mile marker 94 and 95). About 1 mile down this road, park at Wawaloli Beach area. This 6.4 mile trail runs at sealevel both north and south of the parking area. Be prepared for some sharp lava and sandy riding. Rated beginner to intermediate.

For more Big Island mountain biking info try this link to Big Island Mountain Biking Association.



From Kaunakakai, head west on route 460. Between the 3 and 4 mile marker turn right just past the bridge onto Maunahai Road (There may be no road sign but there is one for Homelani Cemetary.) This 11.6 mile 4wd road ascends from 300' to 3,700'. About 1.6 miles into Kamakou Preserve, the road divides. Bikes are not allowed any further in order to protect endangered species in this rare eco-system. You can hike to the Pepe'olae bog but lock your bikes at your own risk. This ride is rated beginner to advanced. BR>

Makakupa'ia Trail

Near 11.6 miles into the Molokai Forest Reserve,(end of the line for bikes)access to Makakupa'ia Trail is on the right. This trail consists of a steep 3.2 mile 4wd road . You have to return by going up this road again. Stay on the most traveled portion of uneven bumpy could get lost. Due to its steepness (in and out) and loose terrain and cliffs, this trail gets an advanced rating. Watch your speed on this dangerous downhill. The trail ends at a gate to Hawaiian homestead land. Keep out, pedal your way back up.

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