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If your planning a trip to Maui and you need a bike here's some info that might be useful. First of all if you flight is "international" as an example, from Canada, you should be able to bring your own bike for free. If you are arriving from the U.S. mainland you will probably have to pay $80 each way per bike. Rip off. Anyway, here are the 5 major bike dealers on Maui that rent bikes.

Ned Overend and me at Island Biker.

Kahului:Island Biker 808 877-7744 (Specialized Mtb rentals) 415 Dairy Rd. Across from KMart)

Haleakala Bike Company Gar Fisher bike rentals and good prices on Mt. Haleakala downhill tours.

Ph: 808 572-2200 or call toll free 1 888 922-2453

South Maui Cycles 808 874-0068 1993 S. Kihei Rd. (Island Surf Bldg.)

West Maui Cycles and Sport 808 661-9005 (Road and Mtb rentals) Below Denny's Restaurant in Lahaina

Prices range from about $65 for bikes that have seen better days up to $200 per week for new full suspension. Daily rates are about $15 to $40. Also you might check the yellow pages for bike rentals available from other tourist related businesses.

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Bike Tours

There are over a dozen "Haleakala Downhill" tour operators. Most use cruiser type bikes in a follow-the-leader fashion down the mountain. Some stop at places to eat. A few tours give you mountain bikes and let you coast down the mountain solo, at your own pace. My suggestion is to go down the list of tour operators in the yellow pages and give them a call. Most charge $80 to $125 per person.

A new paved bike path is now open. It connects Kanaha Beach Park to "Stables" road via the makai (seaside) of Kahului airport runway. Also, camping is no longer allowed at Baldwin or Rainbow parks. You can camp (permit required, get 'em at Balwin high School)at Kanaha Beach Park. Its a better place.


Visitors to Hawaii, dazzled by the nature's beauty, sometimes let their guard down and fall victim to the bottom feeders. Your person is safe here but your possessions may not. Don't leave valuables in your car where ever it is. The vast majority or car break-ins occur at beach parking areas. The "typical" thief might appear as a casual person just hanging around the parking area. What they are looking for is to see who is locking stuff in the trunk. It only takes them a few seconds to steal your stuff. As I've said, this happens mostly at the beaches. The bottom feeders rarely go to the trail areas, they're not into biking or nature.