Upper Waiakoa(You'll be Sorry)Trail

Waiakoa Trail begins (or ends) .7 mile up from Waipoli Road, the road that leads to Poli Poli Park and Skyline Drive. Take Upper Waiohuli up .7 miles to the junction of Mamane and hang a left at the signs. A small puu (volcanic cinder cone) is here. Waiakoa Trail runs 5.3 miles until it connects into Waiakoa Loop. The first 3/4 mile ascends through pine forest. The trail is smooth but quite steep , follwed by steeper in the 6000' to 7000' elevation range. From 3/4 mile to just past the 2 mile sign, the trail becomes quite technical with lots of rocks and sandy stretches. Just past 2 miles you'll find a gate. The trail is rideable in most sections up to the 3 mile mark. Most riders will turn around here and enjoy the really cool, technical downhill ride. However if your foolish like me, you might wanna go further. You will risk damaging your shoes on the sharp aa lava rock but despite this, its a unique hike-a-bike expedition. As of August 98, Upper Waikoa Trail has been improved considerably from .5 to near the 3 mile mark. Despite the improvements, it is a technical trail best not attempted by beginners.

Wolf bonked.

Here at the 2 mile sign the trail crosses a dry stream bed.

Just past 2 miles from Mamane, the trail begins to degrade big style. Elevation here is 7500'.

I had to carry or push the bike for about 2 miles. Only chips on the rock indicated that there was a "trail". Its very easy to get lost here. The sharp rocks trashed my bike shoes. It going to take Mother Nature about 100,000 years to "soften up" these lava flows.

The last mile or so a trail once again appears and brings you to Waiakoa Loop Trail.

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